The Most Attractive Things to do in Montenegro

The Most Attractive Things to do in Montenegro

Montenegro is breathtaking and a fantastic choice for family holidays

There are many great things to do in Montenegro thanks to beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, tons of fun activities, rich culture, phenomenal food and luxury villas. Whether you are looking to explore its fascinating history and nature, or absorb the Adriatic sun, Montenegro has it all. We have created a list of the most attractive locations, with many being left out due to the sheer number of them. They go, in no particular order:

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is the most luxurious spot in Montenegro, as it hosts celebrities regularly. It is a fortified island right off the coast of Budva. The pioneer of elite tourism in the country, Sveti Stefan offers only the best of the best when it comes to luxury villas. Besides the mesmerizing vistas, guests in the area get to enjoy the unique pink-pebble beach.

Sveti Stefan in Budva

The Old Town of Budva

The Old Town is the highlight of Budva. It is said to be over 2 500 years old, but its majestic walls date from the Venetian period. It adorns the small bay area that boasts numerous hotels and luxury villas. In fact, The Old Town is a living and breathing museum in the heart of Montenegrin tourism. Want to learn a thing or two about local history? Then there is no better place in Budva. Furthermore, the best hotels of the Budva Riviera reside in close vicinity.

Aerial view of The Old Town in Budva

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is one of the 5 National Parks in Montenegro. It is home to 280 bird species, including the rare cormorant and Dalmatian pelican. Skadar offers tourists unspoilt nature, ancient villages, medieval fortifications and a special culinary experience. Virpazar is the largest settlement on the lake and the base for every lake adventure, kayak and boat tours being the most exciting.

Lotus-covered Lake Skadar in Montenegro


Another National Park, but also a UNESCO Heritage Site, Durmitor is the mountain jewel of Montenegro. Untouched by human hands, this gigantic mountain massif, with 48 mountain peaks, presents a great challenge for mountain climbers. Furthermore, Durmitor is best known for the 18 glacial lakes called Mountain Eyes. Black Lake has the prettiest emerald eyes and is ideal for picnics or strolls along the lake shore.

Glacial Black Lake on Mount Durmitor in Montenegro

Biogradska Gora

As one of the only three rainforests in Europe, Biogradska Gora is unsurprisingly a National Park. It has 6 lakes, with Lake Biograd being the most magical. By visiting this magnificent place, you will feel as if you had traveled to another planet. Just some of the activities featured in Biogradska Gora are mountain biking, panoramic tours, kayaking, hiking and eco-kantuns.

Lake Biograd surrounded by one of the only rainforests in Europe

The Old Town of Kotor

The UNESCO protected Old Town of Kotor represents the centre of Montenegrin cultural heritage and the most visited location in the whole country. History, tradition and luxury – all in one spectacular place in the Boka Bay. The rustic town of Kotor, surrounded by Venetian fortifications, offers villa rentals that have preserved that authentic medieval look even today. As you walk the narrow streets of The Old Town, do not miss the ancient St. Tryphon Cathedral. It was built in the 11th century and holds the remains of Kotor’s patron – St. Tryphon.

The Old Town of Kotor in Boka Bay

Blue Cave

The cave, in Luštica, got its name after the alluring blue glow and crystal-clear waters. The glow comes from sun rays that reflect throughout the cave and create the natural phenomenon. Uniquely, the cave is only approachable by boat. To fully experience it, make sure you take a swim in the azure waters.

A photo of Blue Cave near Herceg Novi

The Lady of the Rocks

According to the legend, this artificial island was made in the 15th century. A group of local sailors found an icon on the rock and started building an island around it. Eventually, the beautiful blue-dome church and a museum were erected. A visit to Boka Bay must include a boat trip to the stunning Lady of The Rocks. Every 22nd July, the festival Fašinada is organised and local residents take their boats and throw rocks into the sea, in order to widen the surface of the island.

Man-made island Our Lady of the Rocks in the Bay of Kotor

Mount Lovćen

Lovćen represents the symbol of Montenegro. The Mausoleum stands proudly on top of Lovćen and protects the remains of our greatest leader and poet – Petar II Petrović Njegoš. Take the climb, all 461 steps, and bear witness to this marvel. The mosaic in the interior has 200 000 gilded blocks and adorns the ceiling above Njegoš's sarcophagus.

Mausoleum on Mount Lovćen in Montenegro


Just 3 km away from the capital, Podgorica, lie the ruins of Duklja. They represent the most important remnants of the Roman Empire in Montenegro.  The town, built in the 1st century, inspired the name of the Principality of Duklja – the predecessor to the Montenegrin ruling dynasty Petrović.

Ruins of Duklja near Podgorica

Portonovi in Herceg Novi

Portonovi is is the dream luxury seafront village. A combination of Medieval Venice and rustic Montenegrin style influence the architecture. Take a walk around the charming promenade and see why it is called the getaway to luxury and comfort in the Bay of Kotor. Indulge in the World-class Marina, One & Only hotel and many other top-notch villa rentals.

Aerial view of Portonovi during nighttime

The Canyon of River Tara

The canyon is part of the National Park Durmitor and the 2nd deepest canyon in the world. Adrenaline lovers will never want to skip rafting, canyoning or the zip-line fun. Đurđevića Tara Bridge offers the best views of the canyon and is where you get to zip line across the deep gorge.

Mesmerising grove in the Canyon of river Tara

Kamenovo Beach

Kamenovo Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Budva. The amazing ambience with live music makes it an oasis of fun. Kamenovo Bar & Restaurant has a variety of tasty dishes and refreshing cocktails on offer. Moreover, Kamenovo program features many water sports and activities.

Kamenovo Beach in Budva

Forts of Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a city of forts and ramparts, guardians to the entrance of Boka Bay. The Sahat tower, the fortress Forte Mare, Kanli Kula, the Citadel and Španjola are just a few of the ancient protectors of Herceg Novi tradition. They testify to all the different cultures and civilisations that once ruled this beautiful city. Go on a tour and see how Herceg Novi evolved through the ages.

A picture of Forte Mare in Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor

Velika Plaža and Ada Bojana

Velika Plaža is the longest beach in the Adriatic, 13 km long and made for Kitesurfing. Child-friendly and perfect for families, it has excellent restaurants and bars along the entire beachfront. Ada Bojana is a river isle, the main attraction of Velika Plaža, that has an extremely inviting environment.

Great Beach in Ulcinj during summer

Porto Montenegro

Welcome to the greatest Marina in Montenegro and the heart of luxury in the Bay of Kotor. The award-winning Portomontenegro Marina has more than 450 berths and can even dock superyachts. Plenty of prestigious shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as villa rentals, further raise the levels of comfort and luxury. Countless amenities await guests who pick Portomontenegro as their holiday destination in Montenegro.

Luxury tourist village Porto Montenegro in Boka Bay


Prokletije or “Damned” represents a mountaineer’s dream. This Montenegro National Park has over 20 peaks above 2500 metres and each is as challenging as the next. For a more relaxing time, we recommend Lake Hrid. The legend says the lake fulfills wishes, as long as you leave a small token of appreciation. Furthermore, canyoning, hiking, trekking and fly fishing are also quite popular in Prokletije.

A photo of rugged mountains Prokletije


Perast is the quietest town in the Bay of Kotor and the epitome of a rustic fishing village. Mostly abandoned renaissance and baroque palaces adorn the charming town, as they tell a story of a time when its inhabitants lived luxurious lives in the key trading region of medieval Venice. In fact, there is a total of 16 preserved palaces in Perast. Additionally, the prettiest islets in Boka, The Lady of the Rocks and The Isle of St. George, are a huge part of Perast's appeal.

Rustic fishing village Perast in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


Luštica peninsula offers the unique combination of a tucked-in bay experience on one hand, and the liberating open Adriatic sea on the other. The already mentioned Blue Cave is one its main highlights. Nikki Beach & Hotel is located in the bay part of the peninsula and has fantastic rentals on offer. For the best open-sea beachfront holiday, visit Luštica Bay. This tourist village is sensational and features a top-notch Marina and the luxurious Chedi Hotel.

Luštica Bay luxury resort in Luštica peninsula

Old Olive Tree in Bar

Olive Trees have been the lifeblood of Bar even before the times of the Ancient Romans. The Old Olive Tree is a symbol of the city and is considered to be the oldest tree in Europe – over 2 000 years old. In fact, it is the oldest city resident, older than any other written document or monument. The legend says that opposing families would make peace under the shades of the tree.

Thousands of years old olive tree in Bar

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is an Orthodox Church located high up above Danilovgrad, tucked inside a rock. This is the most important and most beautiful holy site in Montenegro, a white beacon proudly soaring above the Zeta valley. The monastery was founded by St. Basil, whose remains rest inside the magnificent building.

Ostrog Monastery tucked inside a cliff

There are many things to do in Montenegro so we advise you go on a multiday tour to make the most out of your time. Additionally, both Montenegrin airports are in practical and centralised positions. Tirana airport in Albania, and Dubrovnik airport in Croatia are also pretty close. Quality rent-a-car and transfer services make your travels even more convenient and comfortable. Montenegro is a paradise waiting to me explored.

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