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Private tours and excursions

The vast beauty of Montenegro can hardly be described using words. If you decide to get outside from your luxury villas rental Montenegro won’t disappoint you with what it has to offer. It is filled with wild beauty, natural treasures, rivers, lakes, mountains and cities that are only waiting to be discovered. Every inch of Montenegro tells its own story and hides the embedded secrets of former civilizations, kept in the stones, remans and oral trajectories for centuries to come.

You can enrich your inner being and reach levels of profound knowledge by taking on a private tour or excursion around the focal points of Montenegrin culture and nature. The country offers a rich history with cities dating back a thousand years some of which were inhabited by the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans in ancient times, others were occupied by the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire and all are yet still treasuring past cultures.

On the other hand, the nature of Montenegro is immensely beautiful and you can enjoy the translucent seas, fine sand or wild beaches, national parks and unimaginable mountain tops.

We offer special tours and excursions, tailored to your specific needs, and will help you unlock the mystery of this beautiful country.

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