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Villas in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is in the top 10 sunniest coastal cities in Europe. Nothing but sunshine all year round. Built on a slope, Herceg Novi is known as “The city of 100,101 steps”. While there are many steps, they all lead to unforgettable views of the bay. Villas in HercegNovi are elegant and beautiful and reflect all the best of the region. Montenegro luxury villas are here to make your choice easier. 

Authenticity is the highlight of Herceg Novi. Firstly, there are extremely fun festivals happening all year long. “Praznik Mimoze” celebrates mimosa trees and happens in February. During summer days, film festivals are held on the famous Herceg Novi fortresses. Secondly, many medieval fortresses further enrich authenticity. Fortress Forte Mare, Fortress Spanjola and Forte Mare are the most famous. Imagine watching a film on top of a fortress with spectacular views of the bay. Lastly, The Old Town is in the middle of town and attracts tourists and history lovers. 

As is the case with many coastal areas in Montenegro, mountains are but an hour away. Mountain Orjen, one of the prettiest in the country, is only 45 minutes away. 

Seafood is a big part of the tradition of Herceg Novi. For the best experience we recommend Restaurant Feral, Tri Lipe and Gradska Kafana. Additionally, the nightlife in Herceg Novi is unforgettable. People’s and La Bamba are world-famous and bring in exclusive performers all the time.   

Herceg Novi is located on the North coast of Montenegro. It is extremely close to the airports in Dubrovnik and Tivat. Dubrovnik is about 75 minutes away from Herceg Novi. only has the best Villas in HercegNovi. Check out our vast selection of villas, your perfect villa might be just a few clicks or a call away. 

FAQs about Villas in Herceg Novi

What are the best villas in Herceg Novi to rent?

What are the best beaches in Herceg Novi?

  • Hotel Beach

  • Beach Topla

  • People's

  • Mud Beach in Igalo

  • Žanjice

What are the best restaurants in Herceg Novi?

  • Restaurant Feral

  • Gradska Kafana

  • Tri Lipe

  • Konoba Kruso

  • Splendido

What are the best clubs and local spots?

  • People’s

  • LaBamba

  • Alehouse(Pivnica)

  • Stanica

  • Got cafe

What to do in Herceg Novi?

  • Boat trip to Blue Grotto/Žanjice

  • Visit medieval fortresses

  • Go to Orjen

  • Try local seafood

  • Explore the Old Town

  • Go to The Mud Beach in Igalo