Work with us

Work with us

We are - the largest online platform for luxury properties for rent in Montenegro!

Increase the profit from renting luxury accommodation by up to 70% annually!

 Do you own a luxury villa or property for rent? Are you renting a luxury penthouse or apartment? Have a mountain cabin for rent, tucked away in the woods? A boho riverside cottage? Publish your property on the largest luxury accommodation platform in Montenegro!

We find guests and bring them to your accommodation! We make sure that their vacation goes well and most importantly, we are their contact in case of need 24/7.

Our guests are mostly high-paid individuals from Western Europe, North America, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Thanks to personal contact with agencies specialized in luxury tourism from all over the world, we have gained access to special categories of guests who travel through these agencies and do not use some of the booking platforms available to everyone.

We work directly with villa owners to ensure our clients receive premium quality and service.

Call us at +38269264814 or send an e-mail to in[email protected] and become part of luxury tourism today!