Exciting Activites in Montenegro during the Off Season

Exciting Activites in Montenegro during the Off Season

Fun things to do all year long

Montenegro has a wide variety of fun activities that are not limited to the summer season - the Bay of Kotor boat tours, paragliding and rafting, just to name a few. Why wait for summer when you can have the time of your life even today. Some of the amazing adventures you can go on are:

Boka Bay Boat Tours

The pearl of the Adriatic is Montenegro's most breathtaking place, where the sun shines all year long. The Bay of Kotor boat tours explore the whole bay, as well as the open sea part of Luštica. No better place to start these tours than the magical town of Kotor. Take in the pleasant sea breeze as you visit Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George – mesmerising islands with rich histories. Furthermore, Perast, Risan, Morinj and Rose are just a few of the Mediterranean rustic villages adorning the bay. As you make your way through Boka, you might get a chance to indulge in the luxurious amenities that Portomontenegro and Portonovi offer. Finally, if you are lucky, your tour will include a visit to Blue Cave, a special cave approachable only by boat and which has a signature blue colour. Blue Voyage, Breeze Tour and See It All Tour are multiday tours which all include speed boat tours across the bay.

A photo of Bay of Kotor in Montenegro


In Montenegro, you can see the azure Adriatic from even the tallest mountains and hills. This makes our country ideal for paragliding as you take in these beautiful sights in the most adventurous way possible. One of the most popular paraglider rides starts at 760 m above Budva, in Brajići. This ride is a tandem flight with an instructor and a great way to experience the sport as a beginner. In addition, there are two more attractive locations for aspiring paragliders – Vrmac above Kotor at an altitude of 550 m, and Dizdarica in Herceg Novi at 850 m. Finally, for a wilder ride, descend from Lovćen, from the altitude of 1660 m. Paragliding camps are organised in Žabljak for those who seek a greater challenge.

Paragliding over a beach


Think you have what it takes to take on the beautiful but turbulent Tara river? Tara has the deepest canyon in Europe, and second deepest in the world. No average adventurer can conquer its waters, but do not worry, there are also rafting tours for children and seniors. Also, professional skippers are there to make sure the adventure goes smoothly. Tara is 146 km long and, as part of Durmitor, is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, the experience includes atmospheric dining on the Riverside.

A photo of a group of tourists rafting


Mountaineering is on the rise in Montenegro, and rightfully so. The potential for climbing is vast since the Dinaric Mountains chose Montenegro for its most breathtaking creations. There are mountains deep inside the continent, as well as peaks that overlook the mesmerising Adriatic sea. Thus, you get to choose whether to go climbing high in the mountains, by the sea or next to canyons, rivers and lush forests. First things first, every mountain-climbing enthusiast should make Durmitor their first stop. The gigantic mountain massif has 48 peaks, with variable heights and challenges. Furthermore, Prokletije provides the biggest challenge with 20 peaks over 2500 m high.

A picture of Mountains Prokletije

Bungee Jumping

Nothing wakes up adrenaline as efficiently as bungee jumping. There are bungee jumping options near Slovenska Beach on one of the greatest stretches of coast in Montenegro. There is a 40-metre tall crane that is used to jump from. In addition, Montenegro is the one place in the region that offers double jumps (two jumps at the same time). The weight range is 30-240 kg. Every brave jumper receives a gift - proof of courage, and a membership card that gives discounts for future jumps.

A person enjoying bungee jumping

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has been in full swing in Montenegro since the 1990s. Many different clubs organise biking tours and competitions for everyone that enjoys this exciting sport. Mount Durmitor has enthralling pathways that go through pine forests, glacial lakes and majestic canyons. In particular, the 86 km descent through canyon Sušice is to die for. “The Ring” is the greatest bike route of the Durmitor massif and a great way to explore it. Another phenomenal place for mountain biking is the National Park Biogradska Gora, one of the only three rainforests in Europe. You will never forget riding next to the stunning Lake Biograd.

A picture of a man taking in the sights during mountain biking

Water Skiing

Water Skiing is quite accessible and very affordable. Bečići Beach has one of the best facilities for water skiing. It secures a safe, flexible and exciting experience that can be arranged for any and all ages. No matter the level of skill, everyone can join in on the fun. Furthermore, good music and refreshing cocktails will complete the enjoyment.

Waterskiing is a popular activity in Montenegro


The vast Montenegrin coast makes an ideal location for underwater sightseeing and exploring, as there is an equal amount of discovered and undiscovered depths. Furthermore, the underwater flora is rich, and many different fish species have made Montenegrin waters their home. The warm climate allows for comfortable diving, even during most winter months. Risan Bay, Cape Rosa, Njivice in Herceg Novi, Bigova Bay and Old Ulcinj provide the most interesting hydro-sites. Montenegro has many legitimate diving clubs with professional staff and the latest equipment, so take this golden opportunity to dive into the azure sea.

Scuba diving towards underwater ruins

Bird Watching on Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is a bird heaven with about 280 species living there. Bird watching tours use small boats to get you as close as possible to the unique wildlife. Dalmatian Pelikan is the rarest bird on the lake and a must see. Additionally, tour guests get to meet kormoran, ibis, kingfishers and heron's grebes. Most tours include knowledgeable guides and bird experts. Come to Montenegro, enjoy this bird paradise.

A bird posing for bird watchers

Picnic on Durmitor/Bjelasica

When you want to absorb the beauty of Montenegro in good company and with tasty food, the simplest solution might be the best. Gather your family or friends and go on a picnic high up in the cool Montenegrin mountains. While there are numerous breathtaking sites and vistas for a picnic, we would like to highlight Durmitor and Bjelasica, since both mountains have magical lakes and idyllic forests. Black Lake on Durmitor and Lake Biograd on Bjelasica will create everlasting memories.

A photo of Black Lake in Durmitor

Find a suitable multiday tour which includes all your favourite activities, or create your own to-do list and go on an adventure. For example, start off with Kotor boat tours, spend a delightful afternoon on Lake Skadar and finish the day with a picnic inside a relaxing mountain meadow. Is it summer yet? It does not matter; many thrilling adventures await in Montenegro all year long.

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