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The Bay of Kotor, aka “The Bride of the Adriatic“ is the number 1 most visited place in Montenegro with villas in Kotor offering a mix of traditional and modern architecture. This is true greatly thanks to its jewel, Kotor. Old Town Kotor is listed as a member of UNESCO World Heritage sites and provides the most authentic and rustic experience in Montenegro. Villas in Kotor are no exception. 

Montenegro luxury villas have many traditional villas on offer. Choose one of many unique coastal properties. While you will never want to leave these villas and their comfort and luxury, the city of Kotor is hard to resist. 

Firstly, visiting St. Tryphon Cathedral is a must. It is the highlight of the Old Town. Secondly, The Island Lady of the Rock (Gospa od Skrpjela) and The Isle of St. George (Sveti Đorđe) are some of the most beautiful in the Adriatic. Lastly, everyone should climb the Upper Town Walls. They are our little Great Wall that climbs steeply onto the mountain. The reward will be the most beautiful sight in Kotor and perhaps in the whole bay. 

Kotor is the prime cruise location in Mediterranean. Hundreds of thousands of tourists pass through it every year by sea. It is also easily accessible by cars, buses and other forms of land transportation. Additionally, the airport in Tivat is extremely close and makes trips by planes very practical. 

Villas in Kotor reflect the beauty of the region. Similarly, is here to help you find one to your liking. Contact our staff now and treat yourself to a fantastic holiday. 

FAQs about Villas in Kotor

What are the best villas in Kotor to rent?

What are the best rustic villas in Kotor?

What are the best places to visit in Kotor?

  • St.TryphonCathedral

  • Old Town

  • The Island Lady of the Rock

  • The Island of St. George

  • Upper Town Walls

  • Maritime museum

  • St. Nicholas Church

  • Perast

What are the best restaurants in Kotor?

  • Marenda grill House

  • Konoba Skolji

  • Ćatovića Mlini

  • Stari Mlini

  • Bastion Restaurant

What are the best beaches in Kotor?

  • Kotor Beach
  • Smokvica beach bar
  • Sand beach Perast
  • Bajova kula
  • Morinj Beach