Fun and Adventurous Montenegro Tours

Fun and Adventurous Montenegro Tours

Summer multiday tours – make the most out of your holiday

Looking for that special Montenegro tours that is gonna fulfill all your expectations in a few days ? We have picked several fantastic routes to match every taste. For when you want to venture outside your luxury holiday rentals and explore.

Blue Voyage

This journey takes 5 days and mostly focuses on the captivating coast, Cetinje and the Skadar Lake. Guests stay at either Slovenska Plaza Hotel or Aleksandar Hotel at Budvanska rivijera Hotel Company – both comfortable and accommodating.

The Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, is the first major stop. It is as charming as it is historically significant. After a pleasant walking tour in Cetinje, you will be transferred to Rijeka Crnojevića, which flows into Skadar Lake. The boat tour from Rijeka Crnojevića to Virpazar on Skadar Lake takes 2 hours and is one of the main attractions of the tour.

This voyage would hardly be blue without the breathtaking Bay of Kotor. Firstly, the tour takes you to the UNESCO protected city of Kotor. After you witness its splendor, you will embark on a boat trip around the bay. Just a few of the amazing spots the boat trip visits are the Blue Cave, Mamula Island, Lady of the Rocks and many rustic fishing villages. Additionally, Take a glimpse at some of the most luxurious places in the bay: One & Only Resort, Porto Montenegro, Nikki Beach, etc.

Stunning view of Bay of Kotor from Lovcen

Breeze Tour

Breeze Tour takes the most beautiful and fun activities Montenegro has to offer and combines them in 8 exciting tour days. The best hotels in Budva Riviera, and in the North of Montenegro, will accommodate you for the duration of the trip.

What better way to start off than to visit The Bride of the Adriatic, the Bay of Kotor? Speed boats will take you around the bay as you visit all the majestic works of nature and luxurious tourist villages. For instance, the Blue Cave is truly magical – a 30 minute swim inside the cave is part of the activities and is the highlight of the tour.

A fresh change of scenery takes you to the mountains and Žabljak. The charismatic town, high up in the mountains, is part of Durmitor – A UNESCO Heritage Site and a National Park. The tour will take you through Durmitor and its most breathtaking lake, Black Lake. Furthermore, fun activities also include rafting on river Tara and sightseeing above its canyon, which is the 2nd deepest in the world.

During the free days, some of the most notable optional activities are horse riding, zip line, quad tour, etc.

The last major excitement of the tour is the Jeep safari tour around Durmitor. This adventure covers the “Durmitor Ring”, a 76 km long trip that is ideal for adrenaline lovers.

A photo of Perast in Montenegro

Mountain Wreath

This 4-day tour journeys straight into the heart of the mountains and the sea. Check in is in Budva in one of the lovely Hotel Group Budvanska Riviera hotels.

Mountain Wreath starts off in the North. You will pass through the gorgeous Morača Canyon on your way to Žabljak. No visit to the North of Montenegro is considered successful without seeing the rugged mountain Durmitor and its amazing Black Lake. Durmitor is the pride of Montenegro and rightly bears the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kotor is the next stop where a guide will take you through the Old Town, which is another UNESCO site. It is fantastically preserved and very lively, with vibrant street music and narrow medieval stone corridors. Finally, a transfer to Skadar Lake and a 2-hour private boat cruise around the biggest lake in the Balkans will round up the Program activities.

Docked boats in Black Lake on Durmitor

See It All Tour

As the title suggests, the 8-day trip covers almost the entire country. You start the See It All Tour by checking in Slovenska Plaža Hotel or Aleksandar Hotel.

Begin the adventure in Kotor, as you explore the maze that is the stunning Old Town. Medieval churches and cathedrals, Venetian palaces and museums all testify to the rich cultural history of the city. A UNESCO protected heritage site is a phenomenal start to the journey, wouldn’t you say? On the way to Bar, take a breath, and maybe a few photos, as you make a stop above Sveti Stefan; It is the most prestigious location in Montenegro and the pioneer of elite tourism. The Old Town of Bar is captivating and dates back to antiquity. The oldest resident of Bar is the Old Olive Tree – It is 2000 years old and the oldest olive tree in Europe. The last station of the day is Ulcinj, once a pirate city whose pirates captured Cervantes and inspired his Dulcinea.

After a day of rest, prepare to conquer the mountains. A journey through the Morača Canyon leads to Morača Monastery, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture in the region. Afterwards, the road leads to Djurdjevića Tara Bridge, located above the 2nd deepest canyon in the world – River Tara Canyon. Take this amazing chance to snap photos or sport the 1 km zip line above the gorge. Finally, the day is topped off in Žabljak. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Durmitor National Park and the Black Lake.

Back to the coastline, and after a short stay in Kotor, you continue to Perast. Perast is the embodiment of traditional rustic village. Stone houses, villas and churches adorn the area. From here, a boat tour around the mesmerizing Boka Bay begins. Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Blue Cave, Portonovi in Herceg Novi, Mamula and Žanjice Beach are just a few attractions you can experience along the way. This completes the unique See It All Tour.

Sveti Stefan islet in Budva, Montenegro


For the complete list of Montenegro tours, you can visit the following link. Inhale the full essence of Montenegro and combine active tours with luxury holiday rentals.

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