Herceg Novi - a Town of Hidden Natural Treasures, the Crossroads of the East and the West

Herceg Novi - a Town of Hidden Natural Treasures, the Crossroads of the East and the West

Herceg Novi – Breathtaking window into Boka Bay

It can rightly be said that Herceg Novi is a city of undiscovered natural treasures, a cultural crossroads of the east and west. It guards the entrance to the stunning Boka Bay. Herceg Novi is the town of stairs and one of the youngest cities on the Adriatic coast. It was once a part of the Venetian province called Albania Veneta when it went by the name Castel Nuovo. It is located at the foot of the Orjen mountain, whose peak is snow-capped for the better part of the year, and the Mediterranean climate touches its centuries-old walls. Its geographical position, natural contrast, proximity to neighboring Croatia and Bosnia, as well as a huge collection of beautiful villas, make Herceg Novi among the most popular destinations on the Montenegrin coast.

A photo of Herceg Novi featuring the Forte Mare fortress

A Medieval Paradise

Herceg Novi follows the motto - a town that is easy to live in and nice to belong to. Enjoy a walk through Belavista, the main square of Nikola Đurković, and take a picture at the towering and magnificent Kanli tower. As it is a city of ramparts and fortifications, you can pay tribute to the silent guardians of tradition by visiting the Forte Mare Fortress, the Citadel, and the Clock Tower. If you prefer to unwind by the sea, there is a city promenade called Pet Danica, 7 km long, which connects Herceg Novi and Igalo. The promenade was named after five heroines, five Danicas, from the Second World War. The incredible combination of the sea and mountains evokes a pleasant feeling during your stay in this magical corner of Boka.

The City of Sun and Flowers

This is how the Nobel laureate, Ivo Andrić, described Herceg Novi in his travelogue:

"Herceg Novi is a city of eternal greenery, sun, and numerous stairs. I may count them all night long, even in my sleep, the stairs, and never finish counting them. Then, at dawn, when I wake up, I see the town full of steep stairs that are worth climbing and descending."

There are all kinds of exotic plants along the promenade, such as palms, banana trees, magnolias, mimosas, eucalyptus, oleanders, making Herceg Novi a botanical garden. The plants were brought at different times by local sailors who came back from their long sea voyages. Every year in February, Mimosa Festival is being held, a festival celebrating mimosa, the first spring flower.

A Healthy and Sunny Holiday

Igalo is a part of Herceg Novi known for its spa centre “Simo Milošević“. The health and hospital complex was built next to natural sources of healing mud. The mud is available to everyone and makes its beach one of the most famous in Europe. Herceg Novi does not have long sandy beaches; instead a large number of smaller, unique ones. Žanjice, Mirište and Rose, on Luštica peninsula and surrounded by rustic villages, offer the most authentic ambience.

What not to miss in Herceg Novi

  • Blue Cave – One of the most beautiful caves on the Adriatic coast. When the sun shines on the entrance to the cave, the colour turns bright blue.
  • Mamula – Uninhabited island on the entrance to Boka Bay. Used to be a prison and is commonly used as a film set.
  • Španjola – Fort on a tall hill overlooking the bay. A tough climb that rewards with stunning views.
  • Meljine – A picturesque village east of Herceg Novi. Makes great use of the climate with many health resorts and is an ideal choice for a holiday.
  • Portonovi – The heart of luxury and comfort in the municipality. The only European One & Only Hotel resides here, together with a world-class Marina and many prestigious rental units.

Recommended restaurants in Herceg Novi:

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Herceg Novi is a prime location for a summer vacation. If you decide to visit this magnificent town and spend your time in luxury and comfort, check out our collection of beautiful villas and pick the right one for you.

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