Budva - Hotspot of the Adriatic

Budva - Hotspot of the Adriatic

Budva Riviera - the unique pearl of the Adriatic with long beaches, charming fishing villages, and authentic nature.  The city that lives all year long due to a large number of sunny days a year – one of the reasons that Budva is so popular among tourists.

In the past, Budva was known as the city of Cadmus and was inhabited by Greeks, Romans, Byzants, Nemanjić, and the Venetian Republic and Austria had their influence too. The witness to all of that  history was the Old Town, the heart of Budva with its medieval fortresses, narrow stone alleys, and squares. The enchanting architecture that was shaped throughout centuries is at every corner – the Old town Budva is home to the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church of Santa Maria in Punta, and the Church of St. John.

Traditionally, the walls of the ancient city are the perfect backdrop for the main cultural event of the season, the City Theater. During beautiful summer evenings, the Old Town is a center of dining, entertainment, and a place for pleasant night walks. The Citadel Fortress offers breathtaking views of the nearby beaches and nature.

Budva’s nights are as hot as its days. The main pedestrian zone is packed with clubs, bars, hotels with performances of popular bands and singers. Restaurants with traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, and the famous wine from Paštrovići are at your fingertips.

Budva is a place that has it all: history and cultural heritage, luxury, entertainment, great food, and most importantly, plenty of beaches around to spend your time.

Dejan Pejović

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