Budva - Hotspot of the Adriatic

Budva - Hotspot of the Adriatic

Budva Riviera - the unique pearl of the Adriatic

Long beaches, charming fishing villages, authentic nature and holiday villas welcome visitors in Budva. The city that lives and breathes all year long due to a large number of yearly sunny days – just one of the reasons why Budva is so popular among tourists.

A photo of Budva and its Old Town

Rich History

In the past, Budva was known as the city of Cadmus and was inhabited by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and the Nemanjić family. The Venetian Republic and Austrian influences left their marks too. The witness to all of that history is the Old Town, the heart of Budva, with its medieval fortresses, narrow stone alleys, and squares. The enchanting architecture that was shaped throughout the centuries is at every corner – the Old town Budva is home to the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church of Santa Maria in Punta, and the Church of St. John.


Traditionally, the walls of the ancient city are the perfect backdrop for the main cultural event of the season, the City Theater. During beautiful summer evenings, the Old Town is a center of dining, entertainment, and a place for pleasant night walks. The Citadel Fortress offers breathtaking views of the nearby beaches and nature. Additionally, Buljarica Beach hosts the internationally famous Sea Dance Festival. It attracts the biggest performers in the industry and is the number one musical event in Montenegro. Petrovac Jazz Festival also provides top-tier content; from concerts and workshops, to educational programmes and exhibitions.

Vibrant city life

Budva’s nights are as hot as its days. The main pedestrian zone is packed with clubs, bars, hotels with performances by popular bands and singers. Award-winning Top Hill, Rafaello, Trocadero and Torine are quite famous. Restaurants with traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, and the famous wine from Paštrovići are at your fingertips. Some of the most notable restaurants are Papillon, Tri Ribara and Kamenovo Restaurant & Beach Bar. Budva is the heart of Montenegrin tourism and is quite easy to reach from domestic, as well as nearby international airports. For transfer and rent-a-car services, we recommend Montenegrocar.me and Transfermontenegro.me .

Stunning beaches and islands

Budva is home to plenty of spectacular beaches that will leave you in awe. Slovenska Beach is one of the most famous ones and is close to city centre, thus easy to get to. Another iconic beach is Kamenovo which features an almost infinite number of fun activities. For a more secluded swim, Queen’s Beach and King’s Beach are magical. Many rustic fishing villages with panoramic views and pretty beaches can’t wait to be explored. The Islands - St. Nicholas (Sveti Nikola) and Sveti Stefan (St.Stephen) are true gems. St. Stephen isle is the most prestigious tourist destination in Montenegro and the favourite location of many celebrities.

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Budva is a place that has it all: history and cultural heritage, luxury, entertainment, great food, breathtaking beaches and most importantly, a huge variety of holiday villas.

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