Safety and Health Requirements

Decorating your modern luxury villas in Montenegro is definitely more fun than setting up safety and health measures. But, safety and health of your guests is of paramount importance. Here is a list of 12 things you should have in your luxury villa for rent in Montenegro.

1. Smoke detector

Your luxury villa for rent must have smoke detectors on each floor as they provide increased safety. Battery-operated smoke detectors will suffice. We recommend installing smoke alarms in areas close enough to be heard from the bedrooms, even at night.

2. Pool depth markings

Every pool in your villa in Montenegro should have depth markings in a visible place by the pool. You can mark the pool depth at the waterline or on the pool deck using visible markers.

3. "No Diving" sign

"No Diving" sign by the pool in villas in Montenegro is vital because private pools typically do not have a lifeguard on a duty. Children mostly dive in pools and having a visible No Diving sign significantly reduces the risk of injuries.

4. Blankets & fire extinguisher

The kitchen in your villa for rent in Montenegro should include blankets and a fire extinguisher in case of a fire. Blankets and fire extinguishers can help in dousing small fires. In case of emergency, make sure you list phone numbers of the nearest fire station in a visible place in your villa.

5. Padlocked pool pump/inspection pit

The pool pump/inspection room must be padlocked at all times to prevent any unwanted contact with chemicals.

6. Inventory

Your villa for rent in Montenegro must be equipped in line with your latest inventory list. Make sure you do regular check-ups and refill or replace anything that might be missing as soon as possible.

7. Deposit for damages

A deposit for damages is money paid to ensure your villa for rent in Montenegro is returned in good condition. In case your rental villa shows signs of damage beyond normal wear and tear, you may use the deposit to cover the repair.

8. Handrail to external stairs

Exterior stairs require a handrail to prevent injuries or slipping.

9. Vegetation

Planted vegetation is recommended to absorb falls by the villa entrance. It is kind of a barrier that makes sure the villa rental is more secure.

10. Barrier to internal bridge

If a villa contains an internal bridge, the barrier must be at least 1 meter high to prevent any injuries or falls.

11. Barrier or vegetation to prevent falls by the pool

There should be a barrier next to your outdoor pool to limit access to the pool for children. According to the safety guidelines, vegetation fences or barriers should surround all sides of the pool and be of a certain height.

12. Cot and high chair for children

Every villa for rental in Montenegro should contain family-friendly amenities such as the cot and high chairs for children. Make sure your guests enjoy their time fully in your modern luxury villas.

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